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About Team LEE

Team LEE is  a group of volunteers who are committed to serving others. We are motivated to share our time, hearts, and finances in order to improve the lives of others. We are blessed to be a part of God's work in Uganda - providing spiritual, financial, and educational support to the slums and villages of Uganda.  We trust God for guidance, wisdom, strength and sustenance; therefore, we are 100% committed to refraining from asking for funds or resources. 

Team LEE Motto
Man (Gary Young, Team LEE President) with Ugandan child, in Ugandan village

How Team LEE Started

2016 was the beginning of the rest, and the best, of my life...

God opened my eyes and my heart to people living in extreme poverty in Uganda. During a 16-day trip, I saw poverty, hopelessness, starvation, abuse, corruption, distortion of God's Word, and an absence of love between mother and child. I met many men, women, and children who forever changed me. The language barrier disappeared as their eyes revealed much pain and horror. Walks through the slums were emotionally overwhelming- kicking trash along the way, carefully avoiding raw sewage, and witnessing thousands of women and children miserably existing in tiny shacks. Experiencing this level of poverty and despair changed me deeply. 

Early in the trip I knew I would return to America and identify methods for helping these people. I could not return home and pretend that my eyes did not see, that my ears did not hear, and that my heart did not feel. While I am not considered wealthy, by American standards, I found a new meaning to "wealthy" during my time in Uganda; I have more than I need, and I will work harder and I will share more. 

Admittedly, I am new to this type of large scale missionary work, and I am learning every day. I am very fortunate to have friends and family who support me, and I am honored that God is entrusting me to do this work. As a novice, I will make mistakes as I plunge into many unknowns, but I am committed to performing this work with honesty, integrity, and compassion. I will respect every dollar that God provides as a divine gift - the money is His, and I am responsible for using it as it is intended. The Honor and Glory is HIS. As of December 15, 2017 Team Lee is registered as a non-profit, charity organization in the U.S.

Team LEE Founder, Ashley Fuller

Ashley Fuller (Team LEE Founder) with Ugandan Children in a Ugandan village in northern Uganda
Woman and child in Uganda
Man and two women in village in Uganda

A special thanks is extended to my loving parents for teaching me how to love with a heart that overflows; it sees not language barriers, cultural differences, or geographical boundaries. Love and kindness are free; I will share them, just as you taught me and just as HE taught us. 

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