PROJECT 1: Provide Bibles Freely
It is our primary goal to provide individuals with their own full-sized Bible, to read, to study, and to learn about the love of Jesus Christ. Bibles are scarce in Uganda. Many churches and orphanages share a single Bible. A Bible in the home environment is very rare. The English and Luganda languages are common in Uganda. We ship English Bibles directly to Uganda and purchase Bibles locally in Uganda.
PROJECT 2: Provide Food, Shelter and Medical Care
Team LEE provides food, shelter and medical care for men, women, and children living in and near the Katwe and Kibuli Slums. At this time, the basic needs are being met in order to prevent starvation and homelessness.  The Katwe slum is an area of severe poverty, overpopulation, corruption and crime. Rent for a single "shack-style" room in the Ugandan slums costs approximately $50 USD per month. (The cost is an approximation because the exchange rate changes daily). The rooms have no bathroom, and no, or severly limited electricity, and no running water. Meet these strong, courageous men, women and their children:
PROJECT 3: Provide Support for Education
In September of 2016, Team LEE committed to pay school fees for the LEE children in Uganda. At that time, 10 children were enrolled in school. Since then, several more children reached the age to begin primary school. School fees vary based on the year of school. The school year begins in January of each year. Our future goals include relocating all of the children to schools with better education programs and more resources for youth development. We also pray for God to provide the way to send the women and men back to school, to complete their education. The children love to learn and are excelling in their studies.
As of January of 2019, 3 LEE Ladies are enrolled in continuing education classes of their choice!
As of January 2020, all LEE children are transferred to higher level schools thanks to partnerships with local school administrators. Additionally, several children in northern Ugandan villages are now able to attend school. 
PROJECT 4: Provide Adult Skills Training  
Two days each, LEE adults meet for skills training. Each session includes prayer, fellowship, and skills training. The team is learning to make beaded purses, jewelry, soap, baskets, and other craft items. Thanks to the compassion and patience of Pastor Peter Ndizeye and Kefa Ndizeye, the team is slowly learning to love, to trust, and develop positive self-images. They are learning about the love of Jesus Christ and we are so very proud of them. 
We are praying for guidance for a market to sell the items made by the team. The Ugandan market is flooded with the same craft items in a poverty-ridden land. The shipping costs, out of Uganda, are excessive. In time, we hope to be able to send all team members back to school so they can finish their education and secure employment. In the meantime, we will continue to support skills training as this teaches the value of working, reduces idle time, and builds self-esteem.