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Team LEE is governed by a Board of Directors with Jesus Christ as its guide.

Meet Our Team [Board of Directors]

Gary Young 
"Papa LEE"

Team LEE, Gary Young

In Memory Of
"Mama LEE"

Team LEE, Suzanne Young

Millie McAtee
"Mama Millie"

Team LEE, Millie McAtee

Founder & Treasurer
Ashley Fuller
"Mama Ashley"

Team LEE, Ashley Fuller, Uganda

Joel Lutaaya
Youth & Agriculture Development

Team LEE, Joel Lutaaya

The day that we fail to be transparent, empathetic, honest, kind, and humble is the day that I stop this mission.

Ashley Fuller, Team LEE Founder

American Lady with Ugandan Children and youth

Ugandan Support Crew

Emmanuel Oyet
Youth & Agriculture 

Team LEE, Uganda, Emmanuel Oyet

Peter Ndizeye
New Kadesh Ministries

Team LEE, Peter Ndizeye

Kefa Ndizeye
New Kadesh Ministries

Team LEE, Kefa Ndizeye

Aluku Nighty

Team LEE Midwife in Uganda
yellow roses

In loving memory of Phill and Curly Simpson

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