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  • Ashley Fuller

A Sweet Message from Emmanuel

I want to share a sweet message I received from my son in Uganda a few moments ago.

Hi mom! My heart is full of your love as always, I read your message from your sweet heart ; “Son I love you. God has given me the BEST son” This has put a huge smile on my face today and it has prompted me to express my heart to you too, The feelings, the love of myself,the smiles I wear after knowing my mother everyday loves me is the best feelings I have in this world and a happiness that can’t be taken away from my heart, I know you have ever heard me calling myself primitive in 2017 and I still know you discovered I had hated my life, I also know in 2016 you didn’t come to Uganda because of me, but also to a smaller extent I became a small reason as to why you return to Uganda in 2017 because you visited my village. I also still remember when you were moving back to America in 2017 your heart was deeply broken because you were not yet willing to separate with me that early just like me too but there was no any other Choice, when I made a good bye hug to you, you hugged me back, it made me feel a love I have never experience before, you cried but I smiled because I never ever thought someone can even value me to that unpredictable extent, You became so easy for me to accept, love, talk to and to share my life story. Everything was already made so clear for me to be your son and am proud I am. I just don’t know why God had kept the secret for me not to call you ‘my mother’ on the first day of our footpath met in 2016. Am so proud that I have a mother that I strongly love everyday Am so proud to have a mother who accepts the son for who he is Am so proud to have a mother who teaches the son about righteousness Am so proud my family confirms you as my own mother Am so proud to have grandparents, Because I had never ever experienced grandparents’ love You own my heart mom I will pray hard, work hard, prove hard to always be a good son to you and to everyone who know you Because My alway wish is never to hurt you And know that your life is so precious to me as your son and I know it is precious to all your kids too It hurts me to know you work really hard with a lot of body pains If He only accepts He would have put your pains on me so that you can continue to work with good health to serve others,but this may not be His plan I love you 💕 MoM Today,tomorrow And Forever ❤ Days are so slow I can’t wait to see you again mom Son Emmanuel

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