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Training for the LEE Ladies

A special thanks is extended to Pastor Peter and his wife Kefa, as they provide skills training and spiritual guidance to the LEE families. Peter is the pastor of New Kadesh Ministries, and the church building is also used for training for the LEE ladies ( The ladies are learning to make beaded purses under the direction of Kefa, who graciously donates her time to help these sweet ladies. Most importantly, Peter and Kefa pray with the ladies and encourage them to stay in God's Word. The common "lack of love and compassion" that is so often experienced in Uganda, is not extended by Kefa. She shows the ladies a kind, warm, motherly love.... a love they have been so desperately seeking. Kefa is better known as Mama Queen and we thank her for showing the ladies the type of genuine love that we would display if we were with her in Uganda.

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