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  • Ashley Fuller

Sweet Words from Emmanuel

A sweet message I received from Emmanuel:

This word is for you Mama, Many Americans may not value you or may look at you like a normal lady among them, but to us especially me I look at you like a woman of God, a sign The Lord wants His Love to reach His people who have no hope...I always think about you because you sacrificed a lot...we can have hope and love our lives...You may think what you do in Uganda is very small but to me is the best experience in my life and it gives me a sight to know that God always looks at me with a merciful heart...I discovered that God still loves me and He expects me to be His son forever...Indeed my heart always thanks God for YOU!

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A Sweet Message from Emmanuel

I want to share a sweet message I received from my son in Uganda a few moments ago. Hi mom! My heart is full of your love as always, I read your message from your sweet heart ; “Son I love you. God

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