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  • Ashley Fuller

A Difficult Day for Team LEE

Today is a difficult day for Team LEE as two ladies have been dismissed. In our committment to be transparent, we share this news and request prayers for these 2 ladies. During the previous 19 months we strived to show them the Love of Christ through our actions and behaviors. We taught them to correct bad behaviors through Biblical lessons and allowed time for them to learn new behaviors. We did not use any form of punishment; instead we offered guidance and lessons to empower them with knowledge in hopes they would learn the error of their ways. As desperately as we want all of our Team members to grow in Christ and improve their futures, we cannot force it. We loved these ladies the day we first met them and we love them now. We will continue to pray for them as they are part of our family as created by God. Should they decide to change their hearts they will be permitted the opportunity to return without judgement or rebuke.

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