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Meet Christine

Christine shares her personal story:

Praise God. I thank God for the gift of life which he has given to me. My name is Ninsiima Christine aged 29, am a Munyankole by tribe, born again by religion, and a Ugandan by nationality. I am single without children and am left with one parent. My parents were staying together, but my father died in 1992 when I was 2 years old. He left mom with six children, and I am the last born at home. After the death of our father, our second born died, and she left four children. The fourth sister died too, leaving one kid who was one year at the time, whom I am taking care of.

When my father died his relatives took all the land from our mother, and we couldn’t have anywhere to stay. The situation wasn’t good because our mother was a widow. Our elder sister went on to look for jobs to work as a house maid so that she can get money to make ends meet. No one went to school, so my sisters wanted me to join school. I joined and stopped in primary four, and I also started working as a maid. I suffered from there because I was too young, I got tired of working, and I got a guy at that young age. I lived with him for six months. I went for a blood test and found that I had acquired HIV virus. I cried so much that I started not feeling myself, but I had nothing to do. I went back to the village. When I was in the village my uncle called for me. I went to town to his bar and restaurant where he told me to work. Months after I asked for my salary, and he said there was no salary because I used to eat, drink, and sleep at his place. I had to look for other alternatives and left my uncle’s place because I was being overworked with no pay. Life became hard. I started sleeping on shades, and that’s when I became a born-again Christian and started taking my ARVS for HIV.

After becoming a born-again Christian, I met Pastor Peter and his family. He gave me strength and hope. He told me that in each and everything there is God. I decided to stay in church and am serving as an usher. After taking Christ as my Savior I also started a small business of selling sweet bananas. I used to carry a basket of sweet bananas so that I can get money for rent, food, and what to drink though people could buy them at a low price.

Then God paved a way for me and brought mummy Ashley in my life who washed tears from my face. She started paying rent, food, and medication and so on, taught me new skills like weaving baskets, making pads etc. I thank mum Ashley for the love, and I also thank Team Lee America, Pastor Peter, Mama Queen, and also the Lee girls because they loved me. May God bless Team Lee with double blessings.

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