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Meet Ruth

Meet Ruth, as she shares her personal story.

My name is Bukirwa Ruth. I am 56 years old, and I was born in October 1962. I am a Muganda by tribe and a Ugandan by nationality. I am second born, but my brother, the first born, died. I grew up with my grandfather. Dad was a drunkard and could beat up my mum, and so she left me when I was 1 year old. I did not go to school much because there was no money for school fees. So, I ended in primary six, then got married when I was still young. It was not easy at all.

I lost two of my children to measles, a boy and a girl. I was left with one, Kiggundu Eddie, who also lost his hearing to measles. He releases pus through his ears and has mental illness. From 8 years till 30 years, he had mental illness. At times he runs mad, and people have to chase him to bring him back to me. Now, for 4 years through prayers, he is regaining his memory.

I have gone through a tough time as a single mother with this child’s medication, no food and drinks to take medication. The pain I have is for my son. He is now a grownup man. Some friends of mine took him to learn mechanics in his garage, but it takes long to learn because of his condition. Yet, he is yearning to get some knowledge. So, I am the one to cater for his life while selling bananas on the streets. The city council authority chases us now and then, and at times they take the basket of bananas, leaving me with nothing.

I got born again, and God gave me a good church and a good man of God, Pastor Peter who prayed for me when life had become difficult. I had to go to the village since I had no house to rent, but by God’s grace I was connected to Mummy Ashley and Team Lee.

I am so grateful to Mummy Ashley and Team Lee, America for supporting me with house rent, money for eats and drinks, and medication. I have also learned variety of skills by the help of Mama Queen.

Now that I am old, I admire people of my age in Africa who have a place to dig and harvest something, rear cattle, take milk and eggs. It’s my prayer that one day, one time, I shall also be like them.

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